BÔ YIN RÂ has bequeathed mankind his teaching in 32 books and booklets under the all encompassing title Hortus Conclusus, the enclosed garden. He pictures in words and in paintings the structure and workings of eternal spiritual life. He depicts clearly man's highest goal amongst all other goals man may have in life. He outlines the way to reach this goal in a series of recommendations.

BÔ YIN RÂ on his way of Writing.

As to the ‘unusual manner of writing’ you mention, with which I have always approached the subject matter of my books, I can say quite objectively that there is not a single treatise I have written where has been left to arbitrariness to say what had to be said at that given time in any other way than the one expressed.
I have never sought a style of speaking and writing at any time or place; instead I have always written everything in the way it had to be fashioned according to the spiritual laws of sound values.
(From: Letters To One And Many, Page 28 PDF version)



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