BÔ YIN RÂ on the Standard-translation©

The same things could, however, easily be presented in a completely different local diction without inhibiting the truth in any way.
Only translation by an incompetent translator presents a danger. –
(From: The Book On The Living God, Page 43 PDF version)

Conclusion: The conclusion seems warranted that BÔ YIN RÂ ’s books could not have been written by anybody but him and that he has chosen his wording with meticulous care. He guides the reader with words taken in with the brain as well as through rhythm and sound understood by the heart.

Especially this last circumstance makes translating demanding. The translator must be a native speaker to render the original in the new language. He is to be very reticent, must himself completely disappear behind the words, the sentences, the meaning and the intention of BÔ YIN RÂ . The translator must be filled with awe for the word, with admiration for BÔ YIN RÂ and with extreme joy for having been chosen for this important task. He must every minute be fully aware of the responsability he has been entrusted with. In case a line is beyond his comprehension he should let it rest and wait for a moment of understanding.




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